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How to maintain excavator track chain ?

The chain is an important part of excavator spare parts, so during use, it is necessary to do more maintenance work, so as to prolong the service life and avoid abnormal worn caused by insufficient maintenance. So how to maintain the excavator track chain?

For excavator track chain, daily maintenance does not need to be too stressful, but there is still a certain demand for lubricants. For track chain, it is easier to lubricate the rollers and sprockets, but it is more difficult to lubricate the sprockets and bushings. Therefore, it is required that the lubricating oil must ensure good permeability, otherwise it will not have a good lubricating effect on the shaft and the shaft sleeve. Have excellent adhesion.

When the chain is running, the lubricating oil will be thrown off due to the action of high speed, and the lubricating oil will drip due to the action of gravity at low speed; therefore, the excavator accessories manufacturers will require that the lubricant used has good adhesion, And to be able to firmly adhere to the surface.

Post time: Feb-08-2023