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bauma 2022: XCMG’s Largest Overseas Product Lineup to Date Showcases New Energy Construction Efforts

XCMG's exhibition at bauma 2022 features six major product sectors with key products for the European market:

● Excavation: features a total of 13 excavator products, including the XE80E excavator Kubota engine (EU stage V).  With a weight of nearly 9 tons, it's coupled with three sets of hydraulic pipelines and two sets of electric proportional joysticks. It also has an ergonomic cab and suspension seat for operation comfort, with a check valve for boom and arm and single-piece deflectable boom to provide easy maintenance access.

● Road: four products are on show: motor grader, paver, light compactor and single drum compactor. The XD120 roller is renowned for its unique industrial design and superior work efficiency and quality. Its low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor with mechanical brakes ensures speed stability and construction safety; dual-frequency single-amplitude vibration exciter makes it suitable to operate in different working conditions; and independent vibration of front and rear drum allows for multiple vibration modes to achieve compaction with higher efficiency.

● Hoisting: four flagship products are on show, including the XCA130E all-terrain crane, specially developed for the European market. The five-axis and six-joint crane with movable arm stands out for its mobility, security and reliability. With a maximum boom length reaching 94.5 meters, and innovative heavy-duty single-transverse independent suspension system, it has improved operation stability by 19 percent and rough terrain off-road capability by 60 percent, compared to earlier models.

● Earthmoving: featuring seven products including handler, loader, forklift and stacker. The highlight is the XC948E (EU Stage V/Tier 4) with an overall design that ensures comfortable operation, fuel efficiency, reliability and durability.

● Firefighting/aerial work platform: over 20 firefighting and aerial work platform products are being exhibited. The XGS28E is a flagship product. With a maximum operation height of 28.2 meters and loading capacity reaching 460kg, it adopts a three-section telescopic boom and tower jib structure with a small fly jib to ensure a wide operation range and obstacle avoidance capability. Its double-load control system meets various construction demands for buildings, bridges, steel structures and stadiums.

● Foundation/piling: a rotary drilling rig and horizontal directional drill are on show, and both meet the EU Stage V emission standard. The XCMG XR320E is a multi-function model for piling foundation construction, its rotary drive offers standard, rock drilling, energy-saving, high-speed rock drilling and high-speed spin-off modes to help improve drilling efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

In addition, XCMG is debuting the XC/ASD-22, a newly launched construction machinery series-training simulator.

Post time: Feb-08-2023