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China Xuzhou Exhibition

Xuzhou International Construction Machinery Exhibition (CHINA XUZHOU) exhibition takes "promoting the industry, leading enterprises, and serving the market" as its main purpose, and follows the exhibition policy of "specialization, marketing, and branding" to enhance the innovation ability and international competitiveness of enterprises. Cultivate Xuzhou's "construction machinery industry cluster" into a world advanced manufacturing cluster.

The exhibition was began from November 10, ends on November 12.

Xuzhou International Construction Machinery Exhibition (CHINA XUZHOU) will focus on displaying construction machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, commercial vehicles, emergency equipment and other products, focusing on four functional platforms: brand display, project procurement, technical exchange, and policy support , to further lead the development of the industry, cultivate emerging markets, and provide the government and the market with an integrated service platform for investment, construction, and operation to improve brand influence, corporate economic competitiveness, and industry sustainable development. The equipment manufacturing industry is a key development industry in Xuzhou, and intelligent manufacturing plays an important role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry.

Xuzhou International Construction Machinery Exhibition (CHINA XUZHOU) will hold 5 major competitive exhibitions, more than 10 international forums, and more than 50 series of business activities at the same time, focusing on new needs, new challenges, new concepts and technologies for the high-quality development of global construction machinery, management It invites influential entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and government officials at home and abroad to express their opinions, conduct practical seminars, and deeply interact with professional exhibitors and visitors.

Below are the Range of exhibition:

Construction machinery: Excavators, loader, bulldozers, cranes, industrial vehicles, compaction machinery, road construction and maintenance machinery,piling machinery, drilling machinery, rock drilling machinery, crushing machinery, complete sets of equipment for tunnel construction , pneumatic tools, military construction machinery, marine machinery and other special construction machinery

Construction machinery: engineering vehicles, earth-moving machinery, lifting and transportation equipment, road construction machinery, road construction and maintenance machinery, road machinery, graders, pavers, marking machinery, bridge construction machinery and equipment, asphalt mixers, modified asphalt and new Suspended platforms for road materials, aerial work machinery, aerial demolition machines, construction equipment, tools and special systems, processing and handling of concrete and mortar on site, road construction and maintenance equipment, site facilities, pipeline and cable laying equipment and tools, testing Instruments and equipment, electronic monitoring systems and construction safety protection supplies, etc.

Construction machinery: construction elevators, tower cranes, unmanned elevators, hanging cages, mixing machinery, concrete pump trucks, lifting machinery, aerial work platforms, gondolas, pile drivers, drilling rigs, formwork, formwork repair machines, vibrators, grinding machines ( Receiving) optical machine, steel bar cutting machine, cement product machinery, bending machine, welding equipment, concrete machinery, concrete product machinery, concrete machinery, steel bar and prestressing machinery, electric motor, various tools, testing instruments, etc.

Mining machinery: mining equipment, mineral processing equipment, mining rigs, open-pit mining equipment, crushing equipment, mineral processing equipment, feeding equipment, grinding equipment, screening equipment, conveying equipment, lifting storage and transportation equipment, complete sets of mining machinery safety protection and monitoring equipment, Support, hydraulic equipment, mining electrical equipment, drilling and surveying equipment, mining pumps, mining machinery and equipment accessories, special mineral equipment, raw material mining equipment, raw material processing equipment and various parts, etc.

Commercial vehicles: bulk cement trucks, concrete trucks, delivery pump trucks, dump trucks, truck-mounted cranes, large trailers, trailers, container trucks, road maintenance vehicles, all kinds of heavy trucks, medium trucks, light trucks, long-head trucks, Flat head trucks, trailer dump trucks, mining trucks, lifting trucks and other special vehicles

Special equipment for municipal and sanitation: aerial work vehicles, road sweepers, dust removal vehicles, wrecker vehicles, sewage suction vehicles, garbage transport vehicles, garden machinery, etc.

Emergency and rescue equipment: emergency engineering equipment, hazardous chemical rescue equipment, earthquake rescue equipment, mine rescue equipment, fire fighting equipment, water rescue equipment, medical rescue equipment, transportation equipment, emergency power systems, communication equipment, environmental monitoring, meteorological monitoring, Other special equipment

Parts, accessories and service providers: engine and engine parts, chassis and transmission components hydraulic and hydraulic components, transmission engineering, fluid technology, generator sets, control systems and software, communication and navigation, construction safety, pneumatic tools and components , Electronic and electrical control components, working devices and mechanism seals, lubricants, cabs, tires, seats, new technologies, new materials, testing and maintenance equipment, etc.

Post time: Feb-08-2023