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Hitachi Construction Machinery, ranked among the top ten equipment leasing companies in Asia, empowers the growth of the industry

On August 16, 2023, the “2023 Top 50 Asian Leasing Companies Conference” was held in Hong Kong. Top equipment leasing companies and equipment manufacturers from China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and other Asian countries gathered together to witness the Asian equipment leasing industry The authoritative release of the top camp list. Mr. Cheng Xiaoming, Managing Director of Hitachi Construction Machinery Sales (China) Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting, representing Hitachi Construction Machinery to receive the honor of “Top 10 Equipment Leasing Companies in Asia”, and shared experience and interacted with industry elites.


The conference was jointly sponsored by the organizing committee of the Top 50 Global Construction Machinery Summit and ERC “Equipment Leasing and Construction”. Through Hadoop information mining and industry expert review, the top 10/top 20/top 2023 in Asia and China were selected respectively. Top 50 equipment lessors, this is the first time that the list of lessors has been released in Asia. As a world-renowned comprehensive manufacturer, Hitachi Construction Machinery not only fully accumulates advantages in the new machine sales and aftermarket fields, but also wins wide market recognition for its vigorous leasing business, and continues to create high-quality, efficient, and low-cost applications for customers value.


In recent years, the Asian equipment leasing industry has grown rapidly, especially China, which has the world’s largest inventory of construction machinery, has become the most potential growth pole in Asia. Hitachi Construction Machinery is one of the multinational companies that pioneered the leasing market earlier in China’s construction machinery industry. With the help of the group’s advantages in technology development, quality control, channel construction, and service quality, combined with the characteristics of the Chinese market and customer needs, Hitachi Construction Machinery The leasing business takes the lead in completing the layout in China, and cooperates with dealer partners across the country to provide customers with high value-added leasing solutions.


The award of the top 10 leasing companies in Asia fully demonstrates the high-quality strength of Hitachi Construction Machinery in the field of equipment leasing. No matter in Japan or in other Asian countries represented by China, the cost-effective Hitachi Construction Machinery excavator leasing The business is being recognized by more and more customers. Managing Director Cheng Xiaoming said: “For a long time, Hitachi Construction Machinery has pursued ‘cooperation and win-win’ with customers. By grasping the different needs of various industries, we can provide customers with leases with good applicability, high durability, and both performance and cost. Equipment, and with the help of a high-coverage service network, solve problems in a timely and efficient manner, so as to achieve ‘no worries about renting’.” With the rapid development of equipment leasing in China and even in Asia, Hitachi Construction Machinery will work with partners to provide Continuous efforts to achieve asset preservation and maximize customer benefits.

Post time: Aug-23-2023